NJAJ Advertising Information

The official NJAJ Web Site, www.NJ-Justice.org, opened in April 1999. The site contains our membership directory, legislative directory, briefs, forms, calendar of events, etc. Attorneys can also register for seminars and CLE. Add to your internet presence by having a link to your page on our web site.

NJAJ's award-winning monthly newsletter delivers timely information about the association, the practice of law, legislative matters, and more. This publication accepts full-page 8 ½ x 11 inserts into our 9 x 12 envelope. If you want your ad in four-color, print 2,800 of them and we'll deliver them with our sought after newsletter each month.

Our membership database (over 2,700 names) and prospect database (over 6,000 names) are available to you through a one-time rental agreement. You can accept the files in ASCII format as an email. We maintain both databases on a daily basis.

NJAJ's monthly newsletter, In Brief, accepts articles that are written in an educational format. Share your knowledge with our members.