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Posted on: Mar 8, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased the stress level for attorneys, resulting in an upswing in calls and referrals to the New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program.

“We are seeing many more calls than we have in the past and much of it is from stress,” said NJLAP Director William John Kane.

“Lawyers increasingly are upset and stressed because they have needed to change the way they practice,” Kane said. “There is a lot of disruption and all of this harms lawyers’ wellbeing.”

The New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program provides resources on lawyer wellbeing as well as addiction and depression and is available for lawyers, judges, law students and graduates.

One new addition to the NJLAP arsenal is their biweekly Balance newsletter, which is designed to provide attorneys with information on lawyer wellbeing.

“The newsletter provides information that is helpful to lawyers,” said Noreen Braman, communications and technology manager for NJLAP. “Everyone is going through stress, but this newsletter deals with issues that are unique to the legal profession.”

The Lawyers Assistance Program offers individual and group counseling, and referrals for care as warranted,” Kane said. “Our focus is on helping improve lawyers’ wellbeing.

“As the free and confidential resource assisting New Jersey lawyers for more than 25 years, NJLAP is reminding attorneys, judges, law students and law graduates that they are not alone,” Kane said.

While the New Brunswick offices of the New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program are currently closed, NJLAP is available by phone at 800-246-5527 and is also maintaining a constantly updated resource page.

Lawyers can go to the  NJLAP web page or their Facebook page  to access important links for those in recovery, as well as all who are experiencing heightened stress.

The NJLAP can be reached by email at info@njlap.org or by phone at 800-246-5527.