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Thank you for agreeing to speak. Please click here to review the agenda. Click here to review the dry run schedule. Missed your dry run? Request a copy of the recording by emailing us at speakers@nj-justice.org.

Accessing Your Dry Run

Your Dry Run will take place on the Pathable platform. You must claim your account and log in prior to the dry run. There is no direct link to access your dry run – you need to navigate through Pathable to get there. 

An email was sent with a link to claim your account. If you do not have that email, access Pathable (click 'Pathable Access' button below) and click the log in button. Click 'forgot password' and enter your email. You will be sent a link. Need help? Email solutions@nj-justice.org

Your dry run is a technical run through, content discussion should generally be avoided. If you need a content planning call, please reach out and we will schedule separately. On the dry run a storyboard will be shared with you and finalized, this is the final mark up of what will happen day of. The dry run is most beneficial if you do it from the SAME spot with the SAME set up as you will be day of – to test microphone, etc. 

Live Date Reminders

  • Restart your computer the night before
  • Work to eliminate all background noise
  • Work to reduce the load on your internet connection
  • Close all other windows on your computer you are not using
  • Click the button above to get into the Seminar. If you do not remember your password, please click 'Forgot Password' to reset it. Need help? Email solutions@nj-justice.org 
  • Navigate to the agenda to access your session. 20 minutes prior to the session, your green room will open. Enter the session through the Manage button.
  • Remember, when you enter the green room, update your name. To do so, hover at bottom of Zoom.  Select Participants to show on right.  You will appear at tope as “Host 500 me.”  Hover, select More, select Change Name
  • When sharing your screen,  please click “share system audio” and “optimize for video” options before sharing.  Your operator will share your content if that was previously arranged. Please refer to your storyboard for the most recent schedule of events.

You should assume you are ON CAMERA the whole time your camera is on. Be judicious in turning on/off your microphone and camera as needed.

Everyone in the green room should go SILENT one minute prior to session start time. This is when attendees begin to enter the room and you will be LIVE.

You can update your profile picture and bio, but clicking Account > Edit My Profile in the navigation bar at the top of the Pathable screen. More information about navigating Pathable can be found in the recorded speaker training below. 

Speaker Training

Please register for an upcoming speaker training by clicking on a date and time below.

You can view a pre-recorded speaker training presentation on the NJAJ You Tube channel (https://youtu.be/BzAWz_bo0mE) or review a copy of the Power Point (click here).

Your Materials

A recording and materials release should be signed and returned to NJAJ. Please click the link below to download the form. Please return the signed form to speakers@nj-justice.org

Written Materials and Power Point
Due by Friday, November 20, 2020

Please submit written materials to accompany your presentation. Written materials are required by the Supreme Court of New Jersey for CLE Credit, are shared with attendees ahead of the program, and are greatly valued. We also need a copy of your Power Point ahead of your presentation.

Your Recorded Presentation
Due by Friday, November 13, 2020

We encourage you to record yourself and send us the recording. There are several options to record yourself including recording yourself using Zoom, using your preferred court reporter, or another mechanism of your choice.

All materials can be uploading by clicking the button below: written materials, Power Point and recorded presentation.

Presentation Best Practices

Presenting through Pathable's virtual event platform is very much like presenting at a traditional event: attendees will be able to see and hear you, and you will have the opportunity to display slides or other supporting material as you deliver your presentation. The main difference is that you may be thousands of miles away from your audience. As a presenter, you can use your computer with webcam to present. Pathable uses Zoom technology to power its live meeting functionality. If you need help installing Zoom on your computer please reach out to speakers@nj-justice.org.

  • Dress Code: Business Attire
  • Arrange Your Background: The NJAJ Educational Foundation Board of Trustees request that you use the Foundation background. If that background does not work well with your computer/camera then your background must be free of logos.
  • Plan Your Talk: Timing is really important when presenting digitally. Please take the time to really map out your presentation. Here are two helpful articles for your review: article one and article two
  • Set your camera at eye level: Often, this means propping up a laptop. Try to look at the camera rather than your screen. Your script should be mounted up near your camera.
  • Position your self-preview window near your webcam: Use your mouse to move your video preview of yourself close to your webcam. This will encourage your eyes to look near the webcam, rather than off to the side, giving your viewers the impression that you are looking at them.
  • Check your light: The best lighting is diffused, from both sides and not overly bright. Two small lamps on either side of your computer, placed slightly behind the camera, is a simple way to achieve attractive lighting. Avoid having a window behind you, as this may create a "witness protection program" effect.
  • Charge your headset: Ensure that your computer and audio equipment are fully charged. 
  • Don’t compete for bandwidth: If you are presenting from a location with consumer-grade Internet bandwidth, ensure that you are not competing for bandwidth with others in your household. Someone may have to take a break from Xbox gaming.
  • Silence the interruptions: Turn off your phone and exit any programs that might pop up notifications during your presentation (e.g., Slack, Outlook, Skype, etc.) Note that an iPhone, particularly, will ring on a Mac that's attached to a phone, even when muted. If you have pets, children or poltergeists, take precautions to ensure that they do not disturb your presentation.

Speaker Social Marketing Tools

As a speaker at this year’s Meadowlands Seminar, we’ve prepared assets for you to distribute across your social media channels. Included are images you can upload and suggested copy to use in the weeks leading up to the event. This is a wonderful opportunity to be recognized as a thought leader, or expert, in your field. We encourage you to tag us in your posts and to use the hashtag #MeadowlandsSeminar to allow your followers a way to experience the magnitude of the event.

Things to Know

NJAJ Social Media Handles

Recommended Hashtags

  • #MeadowlandsSeminar
  • #NJAJ
  • #NJTrialAttorney
  • #NJTrialAttorneys
  • #NJBar
  • #NJAttorney
  • #NJLawyer
  • #NJLawyers
  • #NJAttorneys

Link to Registration: https://www.nj-justice.org/?pg=Meadowlands

Images for Your Use

We would love to customize some of these tools for you.

Do you have a head shot? Send it our way and we will customize any of the three options below for you. Just let us know which option looks good to you! 

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Suggested Copy

  1. Catch me on [insert date of session] at @newjerseyjustice’s #MeadowlandsSeminar, where I’ll be lecturing on [insert topic]. To register, go to www.nj-justice.org. #MeadowlandsSeminar #njlawyer #njlawyers #njbar
  2. On [insert date of lecture], I’ll be covering [insert lecture title] - just one of hundreds of in-depth educational lectures on trial strategies and litigation techniques. Join me and obtain MCLE credits and network amongst peers - hope to see you there! To register, go to www.nj-justice.org #MeadowlandsSeminar #njlawyer #njlawyers #njbar
  3. We’re almost ready for you at #MeadowlandsSeminar 2020! Register now for a chance to sit in on my [insert lecture title] lecture on [insert date of lecture]. Program information and registration at www.nj-justice.org #MeadowlandsSeminar #njlawyer #njlawyers #njbar