Meadowlands Seminar 2017 - Materials


Auto Seminar - The Judicial Perspective - How to Settle Personal Injury Cases
Fraser, Lauren D. - Causally Relating Injuries - Neuroradiologist
Ramundo, Giovanni B. - Causally Relating Injuries to An Accident

Shah, Nirav K. - Neurology
Shah, Nirav K.

Criminal Law

Baxter, Christopher L.
Incremona, Richard E. - Addiction and Criminal Process
Kean, Sharon Bittner - Addiction and the Criminal Process
Mellaci, Hon. Anthony J. - Outline and Two Opinions
Mellaci, Hon. Anthony J. - Speedy Trial Court Rules
Mellaci, Hon. Anthony J. - State vs. Amed Ingram Syllabus
Mellaci, Hon. Anthony J. - State vs. C.W. NJ Super 231
Mellaci, Hon. Anthony J. - State vs. Habeeb Robinson 229 NJ 44
Pearlson, A. Ross - Exhibit A
Pearlson, A. Ross - Recent Developments in Federal Criminal Law
Scardella, Lauren E.
Seplowitz, James B.
Solano, Ricardo - In re Seelig
Solano, Ricardo - In re State Grand Jury Investigation
Solano, Ricardo - N.J. Advisory Op. 116
Solano, Ricardo - N.J. Advisory Op. 677
Solano, Ricardo - Nix vs. Whiteside
Solano, Ricardo - People vs. DePallo
Solano, Ricardo - RPC 1.6 Confidentiality of Information
Solano, Ricardo - RPC 1.8
Solano, Ricardo - RPC 3.3 Candor Toward the Tribunal
Solano, Ricardo - RPC 4.1 Truthfulness in Statements to Others
Solano, Ricardo - State vs. McDowell
Solano, Ricardo - U.S. vs. Stewart
Sutnick, Laura C.

Employment Law:
Gender Politics and Employment Rights

Barber, Kevin E.
Bearden, Drake P.
Domingo, Erica
Hinson, Tracey C. - The State of Gender Politics in America
McClure, Kathryn K.
Sasso, Stephanie & Gigl, Robyn B. - Employment Issues Impacting the Transgender Community
Sasso, Stephanie & Gigl, Robyn B. - Holmes vs. Jersey City (Trans Public Accommodations) 
Sasso, Stephanie & Gigl, Robyn B. - Model Transgender Employment Policy 
Sasso, Stephanie & Gigl, Robyn B. - Definitions and Guidelines in Dealing with LGBTQI Issues 
Sattiraju, Ravi - Gender Politics
Silverman, Daniel T.

Is it Ethical

Capozzi, Edward P. - Capozzi on Ethics
Ferrara, Michael A. - Ethics
Ferrara, Michael A. - Ethics 2
Gern, Amos - Is it Ethical - What Now - Don't Panic!
Leonard, Scott G. - Referral Fees Ethics

Pollock, Jeffrey M.
Rodriguez, Francisco J. - Ethical Considerations in Recording Client and Expert Interviews - Do You Need to Disclose
Rosner, Daniel E. - Driver Passenger Ethics
Rosner, Daniel E. & Matchett, Jacquelyn - Ethics Driver and a Passenger
Wikstrom, David

Litigation at Sunrise

Gruber, Saul G. - Framing the Nursing Home Case
Hely, Hon. James - Summary Judgment
Johnston, Carol - Advertising Online 2017
Lederman, Adam B. - Uber Presentation

Vilariño José  - Hernia Mesh

Matrimonial Law

Baldwin, Thomas D. - Domestic Violence Contretemps Decisional Law Outline
Borger, Fava, Resnick - Torts and Family Law
Gruber, Saul G. - iPads for Trial Lawyers
Harvey, Christina Vassiliou
Kobayashi, Craig
Lundy, Matthew L.- NJAJ Navigating the QDRO Quagmire
Munson, Bettina E. - Article - The Wiser Divorce
Nunn, Matheu D. - Bisbing Article
Nunn, Matheu D. - Quinn-Bisbing Article
Plastoris, Alice M. - The Good Mother A New Look At Psychological Parent Theory
Plastoris, Alice M. - The Psychological Parent Doctrine in Custody Disputes Between Foster Parents And Biological Parents
Plastoris, Alice M. -Psychological Parents vs. Biological Parents The Courts' Response To New Directions in Child Custody Dispute Resolution
Rempell, Jeryl P.
Resnick, Steven M.
Ryan Montgomery, Sharon - Child Custody Evaluation and Relocation - William G. Austin, Ph.D.
Ryan Montgomery, Sharon - William G. Austin Permission to use Article for Presentation
Salvaggio, David F.
Schultz, Carrie - Psychological Parent
Schwartz, Brian M.
Snyder - Hoberman - Danaher
Vuotto, Charles F.

Medical Malpractice

Becker, Steven I.
Brown-Jones, Pamela A. - Documents
Brown-Jones, Pamela A. - Impact of Federal Tort Claims Act on Medical
Gern, Amos -  Bio & Court Rules Updates

Rinaldi, Thomas F. - Pannacciulli vs. Beloff 2016 N.J. Super. Unpub. LEXIS 1
Rinaldi, Thomas F. - Puzio vs. Mimms 2006 N.J. Super. Unpub. LEXIS 821
Roth, Carmin J.

Silverstein, Scot

Nursing Home

Russell, Eva - Mock Trial Report- Expert Plaintiff Report
Gruber, Saul G.
Meadowlands Mock Trial - Trial Packet and Fact Pattern

Premises Liability

Capozzi, Edward P.
Cohen, Ronald J.
Hufnagel, Debra L. - DLH Meadowlands Presentation Outline 2017
Moore, Scott D.

Pienciak, Thomas - Liability of Retail Stores Outline

Technology - Work Smarter, Not Harder

Gorr, Ann - Microsoft Trending Technologies For The Law Office
Gorr, Ann - Office 2016 - MSFT Tips and Tricks - Quick Ref MSFT 2016 and Windows 10
Gorr, Ann - Office 2016 - Outlook - Accompanying Reference Materials
Gorr, Ann - Office 2016 - PowerPoint Keystrokes
Gorr, Ann - Office 2016 - WORD - Accompanying Reference Materials
Gorr, Ann - Office 2016 - WORD - Customizing WORD for Legal
Gorr, Ann - Office 2016 - WORD Keystrokes
Gorr, Ann - Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Office
James, IV, Joseph L. - Office 2016 - Excel Keystrokes
Maggiano, Michael J. - Motivating the Modern Juror with Videotaped Testimony
Maggiano, Michael J. & Vincent - The Video Taped Deposition

Trends for Millennial Litigators

Capozzi, Edward P. - 10 Tips for Auto Cases
Ferrara, Michael A.

Fraser, Lauren D. - Ten Trial Tips for Millennials
Fraser, Lauren D. - Ten Trial Tips and Techniques for Millennials
Garfield, Paul
Ramirez, MItchell F.

Ramirez, Mitchell F. - Koles on OPRA
Ramirez, Mitchell F. - Premises Liability Outline
Ramirez, Mitchell F. - Premises Presentation 2017
Ramirez, Mitchell F. - Stangler on Premises

Verdicts from the Masters

DeSoto, Karen F. - Citezens Defense vs. Couric complaint
DeSoto, Karen F. - Citezens Defense vs. Couric Opinion
DeSoto, Karen F. - Four Principles of Interviewing
DeSoto, Karen F. - Media Impact of Trials
DeSoto, Karen F. - Preparing for an Interview with the Media
DeSoto, Karen F. - Pretrial Publicity Presumed Prejudice and Change of Venue
DeSoto, Karen F. - Voir Dire Don't Let the Judge Cut You Out
Four Principles of Interviewing
Fraser, Lauren D. - Presenting Harms and Losses
Maggiano, Michael J. - Communication in the Courtroom  Instilling Juror Desire to be there
Maggiano, Michael J. - Is Anyone Listening- The Psychology of Juror Persuasion- with Preface
Mazie, David A. and Goldsmith, Uri

Rodriguez, Francisco J. - The Visual Presentation of Your Case - How Visuals Help the Jury Understand Your Case and Debunk the Defense's Case
Walters, Cynthia A.

Workers' Compensation

Dillon, Hon. Michael J. - 1
Dillon, Hon. Michael J. - 2
Dillon, Hon. Michael J. - 3

Koblin, James - Apperman vs. Visiting Nurse Association of Westfield
Koblin, James - Bender vs. Township of North Bergen
Koblin, James - Detres vs. Workforce Logistics
Koblin, James - Elias vs. Life Care Services
Koblin, James - Hendrickson vs. UPS
Koblin, James - Holmes vs. Zayas
Koblin, James - Mara vs. UPS
Koblin, James - Savio vs. Giambri
Koblin, James - Soto vs. ICO Ploymers
Koblin, James - Vitale vs. Schering-Plough 
Koblin, James - Williams vs. Raymours Furniture
Peters, Amie C. - WILG 2017-10-00 National Perspectives CLE Paper
Vilariño, José


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