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To the Board of Governors:


NJAJ has been actively supporting the New Jersey Insurance Fair Conduct Act. As you may have heard at Winter Seminar 2019, we are engaging our members and friends to continue the effort to contact legislators to express support for this bill. The Board of Governors must take a strong leadership role in this critical effort.

You may not have had time to fill out the web-form at the seminar; so if you will be attending the Board of Governor’s meeting tonight, March 21, 2019, we will have a computer set up where you can send emails in support of the IFCA. By filling out this simple form, you can email all the members of the Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee to let them know we enthusiastically support A-4293.


This bill would create balance between the honest consumer and insurance companies in New Jersey by giving consumers a meaningful remedy to fight back when needed insurance coverage is unreasonably delayed or denied.


The New Jersey Insurance Fair Conduct Act has already been passed by the Senate and is now being considered by the Assembly.


A pre-written message to the Committee has been already been drafted; supporting this initiative will only take one minute of your time. If you will not be able to join us tonight, please take a moment to click here to access the form and add your name to this critically important effort.


Thank you for your time and assistance on this important matter. Together, we will continue the fight to provide justice for all.




Lynne M. Kizis, Esq.