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New Jersey Association for Justice Issues Statement
on the Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis

The members of the New Jersey Association for Justice are outraged at the death of Mr. George Floyd.  What unites our members is our commitment to Justice for All.  Our Statement of Mission and Values requires that we uphold and defend the Constitutions of the United States and of New Jersey; that we advocate for the rights of those whose civil rights have been trampled upon; that we advocate tirelessly for the fair administration of equal justice for all, and; that we exhibit fidelity to the administration of the law with fairness, compassion, understanding and truth.

Bearing this commitment in mind, we call for a speedy, thorough and honest investigation into the death of George Floyd. Complete fidelity to justice requires consequences not only for the officer who killed Mr. Floyd, but for the three officers who did nothing to stop the act being committed by their fellow officer, right in front of them. 

Every person deserves this process. Every person needs this done, in order for all to believe in the fairness of our system of justice. Everyone needs to know that the civil rights of every person – regardless of the color of their skin, of their creed or religion, from where they or their family come, of their health or ability, of their gender identity, of whom they love – are protected by law, and that the state and its officials are bound by those laws.

As much as we encourage swift, transparent, fair and thorough justice from the state and federal governments which are accountable to We the People, we also remind everyone feeling anger and outrage to remember that the best way to continue the fight against racism and bias in our culture is for all of us to unite in informed, honest, respectful and passionate advocacy. Together.

That advocacy requires that we face the truth that, while most law enforcement professionals do a difficult and dangerous job, every day, with professionalism and fairness, people who are viewed as “other” remain statistically more likely to suffer disrespect, unequal treatment, abuse, and violence at the hands of law enforcement. Until we all acknowledge, address and remedy that implicit bias, we will not have the ability, as a nation, and as a people, to claim that we are just.