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All 120 seats in the Legislature up for election this year and all of the races being run in newly drawn districts under New Jersey’s new political map.
That means that the NJAJ PAC faces many more opportunities and challenges in this election season right now.
Here is how you can help.
If you are already a PAC contributor, please give to the “Baker’s Dozen” program.  This program asks PAC contributors to make 13 contributions to the NJAJ PAC instead of their usual 12.
If you are not already a PAC contributor, we still need your help. We are asking for a voluntary contribution of $250. This “assessment” will help preserve our traditions of strength and commitment to the consumers of New Jersey.
 The NJAJ PAC makes financial contributions to New Jersey State legislative candidates and gubernatorial candidates who will work to protect the legal rights of the citizens of New Jersey.
Your help will ensure that our voice in Trenton is loud and clear.
As always, we sincerely thank you for your help and support.