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Thursday, January 17, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Hyatt Regency 

New Brunswick, NJ

Board members who attend the meeting will receive 2.4 New Jersey or New York CLE Professionalism/Ethics credits. Pennsylvania credits will be available as well. The session meets the new requirement for attorneys admitted in New York, who now must receive one credit hour of Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination of Bias training per reporting period.

This interactive two hour session will include lecture, discussion, and exercises that allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

As we seek to build organizations, policies and practices that benefit from diversity, inclusion and equity, it is important to understand the impact of unconscious bias. This session will help define, describe and explore opportunities to improve outcomes where unconscious bias is involved.

What is it?  
Research into science of the brain indicates that human beings are unconsciously predisposed to certain patterns of thinking which influence decision making.  

Why do we care?  
In spite of laws established to prevent discrimination, people and organizations still behave in biased ways that advantage some and disadvantage others.

Society often views damaging actions that occur without conscious intent of harm more favorably, however, serious harm to individuals and groups can be done without conscious intent.  Stereotypes, micro inequities, prejudice and discrimination can stem from unconscious bias.  The ways in which bias influences human interaction can support or restrict development of diverse and inclusive workplaces, organizations and institutions. 

What can we do?
Acknowledgement that unconscious bias exists allows us to take steps to mitigate its effects. Exploration of ways to identify and examine our own biases can open the door to reducing harm and disparities in treatment in our professional and personal worlds.

About the Speaker

Gloria D. McDonald, MSOD
Consultant - Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion
Madison, NJ

As a seasoned consultant, facilitator and speaker, Gloria D. McDonald has a track record of creating transformational approaches to the business and culture of inclusion in the workplace. Her clients include organizations in the legal profession, non-profit arena, higher education and major corporations.  She has partnered with the American Conference on Diversity and Korn Ferry/Hay Group to design and deliver interventions for their clients.  Concepts including emotional intelligence, implicit bias, appreciative inquiry, and the value of experiential learning anchor her work.  Gloria earned a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Development from American University/NTL Institute and BA degree from Brown University.