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Winter Seminar 2019

Business Partners for Justice
NJAJ Upcoming Events

Winter Seminar 2019 CLE - Record of Attendance


Hot Topics in Evidence

Allen, Jessica S. - Outline for NJAJ Hot Topics in Evidence 2.28.19 Seminar - Social Media Evidence
Allen, Jessica S. - State v. Hannah
Allen, Jessica S. - United States v. Browne
Aronow, Craig M. - CMA Judicial Notice Slides
Bonanno, Matthew G. - NJAJ 2-29-19 Medical Records
Clark, Andrew J. - NJAJ Hot Topics in Evidence - Statutory Violations
Epstein, Michael J. - MJE Presentation - Hurtado
Fronzuto, Ernest P. - Res Ipsa and Common Knowledge
Gironda, Stephanie D. - Spoilation of Evidence
Kesler, Rayna, E. - 2019 Winter Seminar Accutane Presentation

Santagata, Justin D. - CLE Impeachment Refresh

Liens, Liens and More Liens:
A Primer for the Personal Injury Attorney

Barry, Oliver T. - NJAJ Winter Seminar 2019 Presentation
Delahant, Sarah K. - Defense Perspective - Liens
Ferreira, Ana Rita
Hummel, Christine - 9-29-11 LMSA Memo
Hummel, Christine - 42 CFR 401.613 (Compromise)
Hummel, Christine - 42 CFR 411.22
Hummel, Christine - 42 CFR 411.24
Hummel, Christine - 42 CFR 411.39
Hummel, Christine - 42 CFR 411.50
Hummel, Christine - 42 CFR 422.108 (Part C)
Hummel, Christine - 42 USC 1395y
Hummel, Christine - 42CFR411.26
Hummel, Christine - 42CFR423.462 (Part D)
Hummel, Christine - Aetna Life v. Guerrera
Hummel, Christine - Alert Proposed Rule September 2019
Hummel, Christine - Appeal-Rights-for-Applicable-Plans
Hummel, Christine - Aranki v. Burwell
Hummel, Christine - Ciga v. Burwell Opinion January 2017
Hummel, Christine - CMS change to CWF (LMSA and NFMSA)
Hummel, Christine - Computation-of-Annual-Recovery-Thresholds-for-NGHP---2019
Hummel, Christine - Haro 2013 Opinion
Hummel, Christine - Harris Case
Hummel, Christine - HCS Medicare Cond Pay - NJAJ Feb 2019
Hummel, Christine - HCS MSA Outline -NJAJ Feb 2019
Hummel, Christine - LMSA and NFMSA Notice
Hummel, Christine - May 2011 Stalcup Memo
Hummel, Christine - MLN Nov 8 2017 Accepting MSA Payments
Hummel, Christine - Smart Act
Hummel, Christine - USPA Settlement
Solomon, Franklin P. - Representing Military Families

Premises Liability for Snow & Ice Cases

DeMichele, Richard A. - Intake, Initial Investigation and Evaluation
Heineman, Tiffany L.

Homolash, Claudine Q. - Structured Settlements
Jani, Bhaveen R. - Written Discovery Snow and Ice

Molinari, John E. - Trial Tips for Winning a Snow and Ice
Moore, Scott - 2018 Snow Presentation

Taking Your Trial Tools to the Next Level

Rodriguez, Francisco J. - Plaintiff's Trial Brief - Demonstrative Evidence
Rodriguez, Francisco J. - Taking Your Trial Tools to the Next Level

Winter Seminar 2019

Business Partners for Justice
NJAJ Upcoming Events

Winter Seminar 2019 CLE - Record of Attendance