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Auto Program

Calderon, Andres - Using A Biomechanical Engineer in Low Impact Crashes
Demetrio, Thomas A. - Corral - Eilers Direct
Demetrio, Thomas A. - Poppel - Direct and Cross of Plaintiff
Demetrio, Thomas A. - Poppel - Final Arguments
Demetrio, Thomas A. - Vasilion Opening Statement
Epstein, Michael J. - Power Summations - Proving Damages at Trial
Garcia, Norberto A. - Maximizing Economic Damages Final
Goldis, Edward - Cross-Examination of a Biomechanical Engineer
Raffauf, Leigh -Issues in PIP - Getting Auto Insurance to Pay
Reilly, Kate - Limiting the Testimony of a Biomechanical Engineer
Reilly, Kate - Motion to Bar - Certification Brief & Order

Rose, Tara - Effective Strategies for Using Demonstrative Evidence
Thapar, Sarab - Fact Witness
Wishnic, Eugene - Use  Abuse of Medical Records at Trial

Ethics: Diversity & Inclusion

Edelstein, Miriam  - Implicit Bias - Appendix of Authority
Edelstein, Miriam - Implicit Bias - with Animation
French, Hon. Ingrid L. - New Jersey Worker' Compensation Act
French, Hon. Ingrid L. - Outline on Update on Marijuana Laws
French, Hon. Ingrid L. - Update on Marijuana
Lenzo, Christopher P. - Interview Tips and COVID Issues
McGinty, Isabel - DRB 19-160 - IMO Jonathan Diego
McGinty, Isabel - Jonathan Diego -- SC order
McGinty, Isabel - OAE Blue Book -- Outline of Record Keeping Requirements Under Court Rules
McGinty, Isabel - OAE Call for Volunteers for DECs and DFACs - with Volunteer Info Sheet
McGinty, Isabel - OAE Outline for NJAJ - A View from the OAE
McGinty, Isabel - Outline of the RPCs
Moriarty, Ryan J - Attorney Ethics A View from the OAE
Singer, William - Aug 2020 NJL mag Holt
Singer, William - Aug 2020 NJL mag Singer and Levin Nayak
Singer, William - Celeste Fiore Article from Aug 2020 NJL
Singer, William - Deb Guston Article from Aug 2020 NJL


Expedited Bench, Virtual and Jury Trials

Clark, Gerald H. - Trying A Case In A Remote Setting
Deem, Michael - Taking Another Look at the Expedited Trial
Goldberg, Melissa - Effective Methods to Present Aggressive Dog Behavior
Littlewood, David J. - Screening and Evaluating Cases Through the Pandemic Lens - Goals & Tools
Littlewood, David J. - Screening and Evaluating Cases Through the Pandemic Lens
Nawn, John - Use of Animation in Pedestrian Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
Rodriguez, Francisco - How to Present Damages Medical Proofs and Closing Arguments in the Virtual Trial


How to Get Your Case Settled in a Virtual World

Grispin, Hon. Kenneth - Virtual Mediation
Lafferty, Christine - How to Get Your Case Settled in a Virtual World
Nunziato, Travis - Approaches to Pursue Settlements
Nunziato, Travis - Medical Timeline Example
Pender, Mike  - Approach to Virtual Mediations and Arbitrations
Stone, Gregg Alan - How to Get Your Case Settled in a Virtual World


Pandemic Practice Pointers

Barrera D'Amato, Alexa - Pandemic Practice Pointers - Medium Sized Firms
Bearden, Drake - What Should You What Can you Require of Your Employees
DePamphilis, Dominic R. - Presentation of Evidence in a Virtual Trial
Lide, Evan - Ethics of Remote Documents
Reilly, Kate  - Getting Comfortable with the Technology


Proving Damages

Flanagan, Tom - Demonstrating Damages
Gonzales, Joseph - Life Care Planning-A Natural Domain of Physiatry
Gonzales, Joseph - Life Care Plans_Substantiating Medical Damages in Personal Injury Torts
Gonzales, Joseph - Maximizing Case Value with a Life Care Planner

Gonzales, Joseph - Quantifying Medical Damages in Present Value
Kucsma, Kristin - Boardable Damages
Kucsma, Kristin - Impairment Redacted Report
Kucsma, Kristin - Injury Redacted Report
Romano, John - The Essence of Pain Suffering and Anguish