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What is the Passport Program?
It’s a unique opportunity to get more people to visit your booth! Participating exhibitors
donate prizes for a drawing at the seminar. In order to enter the drawing, an attendee must
collect signatures from twenty exhibitor booths on a “passport” that is given out at
registration – ten signatures must come from exhibitors who donated to the drawing.

How do seminar attendees know we are a participating exhibitor?
All participating exhibitors are listed inside the “passport” along with their booth number and
description of donated item.

What does my company receive in return?
More people will visit your booth and your company will be listed as a contributor in the
Passport Program. It also provides a great opportunity for additional advertising because you
can provide a business card and other materials regarding your services along with your gift!

How do I participate?
All contributions are greatly appreciated. However, please provide items that can be easily
mailed, in the event the winner is not present (i.e. no beach chairs, golf umbrellas, etc.).
Simply complete the information below.
Fill out my online form.