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Thursday & Friday, August 6 & 7, 2020
9:00 am - 4:30 pm & 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Program Co-Chairs:

Bruce L. Atkins, Esq.
Deutsch Atkins, PC
Hackensack, NJ

Drake P. Bearden, Jr., Esq. 
Costello & Mains, LLC
Mount Laurel, NJ

Benjamin Folkman, Esq. 
Folkman Law Offices, PC 
Cherry Hill, NJ

Shannon L. McGroarty, Esq.
Law Office of Shannon Leigh McGroarty
Cherry Hill, NJ

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Employment Law:
Sailing Through Your Trial


Batten Down the Hatches, Hoisting the Sails, All Hands on Deck
9:00 am -10:30 am

Batten Down the Hatches:
Underused Discovery Methods Requests for Admissions, Demand, OOJ

Plaintiff Perspective/Approach - Lauren M. Law, Esq. • Cherry Hill, NJ
Defense Perspective/Approach - Allison J. Beatty, Esq. • Philadelphia, PA

Hoisting the Sails:
Effective Pre-Trial Memo

Andrew W. Dwyer, Esq. • Newark, NJ

All Hands on Deck:
Jury Consultants, Jury Selection, NJ Bench Manual, Jury List Organization, pre-Voir Dire Preparation

Carolyn S. Koch, J.D., Jury Solutions • Fairfax, VA

Anchors Away and Charting Your Position
11:00 am -12:30 pm

Anchors Away:
Setting the Course with your Opening

Plaintiff Opening - Toni Telles, Esq. • Voorhees, NJ

Anchors Away (continued):
Defense Approach and Perspective on Plaintiff’s Opening Style

Defense Opening - James M. Bucci, Esq. • Newark, NJ

Charting your Position:
Strategizing Your Case – Determining Witnesses, Order, Preparing Witnesses, Use of Experts

Claudia A. Reis, Esq. • Morristown, NJ 

Maintaining a Sharp Lookout and Gangway!
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Maintaining a Sharp Lookout:
What to Look for During Cross-exam of Witnesses, Dealing with Skeletons, Rehab and Redirect

Andrew M. Moskowitz, Esq. Springfield, NJ

Attacking Defense Witness Credibility, Use of Deps

Evan L. Goldman, Esq. Hackensack, NJ

Weathering the Storm and Land Ho!
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Weathering the Storm:
Protecting the Record on Appeal

Deborah L. Mains, Esq.  Mt. Laurel, NJ

Land Ho!: Conquering the Closing
Adam J. Kleinfeldt, Esq. • Hackensack, NJ
Christine P. O'Hearn, Esq. • Westmont, NJ

Friday, August 7, 2020

6:30 am - 8:30 am
Litigation at Sunrise

Employment Law:
Updates and Practical Tips

Top 10 in Employment Law and NJ Anti-Bullying Bill
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Top Ten in Employment Law
Daniel T. Silverman, Esq. • Mount Laurel, NJ

NJ Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights of Act 
Heidi Ruth Weintraub, Esq. • Voorhees, NJ   

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Medical Marijuana
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Alternative Dispute Resolution:
Getting the Case Settled

Hon. Michael Brooke Fisher, J.S.C. (ret.)   Avalon NJ
Dean L. Burrell, Esq.
Morristown, NJ
Eve R. Keller, Esq.
Cherry Hill, NJ

Medical Marijuana and the Workplace 
Elizabeth Zuckerman, Esq. • Princeton, NJ 

Wage/Hours Update and Ethics
1:00 pm -  3:00 pm

Wage and Hour Case Updates
Ravi Sattiraju, Esq. • East Windsor, NJ 

Ethics – The NJ Supreme Court Decision on Balducci vs. Cige and its Impact on Employment Law Practitioners
Benjamin Folkman, Esq. Cherry Hill, NJ
Steven K. Kudatzky, Esq.
Marlton, NJ
Jay J. Rice, Esq.
Roseland, NJ

ABOUT THE SEMINAR: The Boardwalk Seminar® 2020 A Digital Experience: Education, Networking & Exhibits is a unique virtual program featuring 29 programs over three days. All programs are divided into 90-minute online webinars. This digital format allows you to choose individual webinars based on your needs or interests, which lets you create a personalized seminar.

NOTE: Pursuant to Regulation 201:08 regarding Alternate Verifiable Learning Formats, the Board on Continuing Legal Education has allowed all 24 credit hours for the compliance period to be fulfilled through approved courses offered in alternative verifiable learning formats.

* * * Special Offer * * *
Join NJAJ & Save $300 on Boardwalk Seminar registration.

If you join the New Jersey Association for Justice when registering for the Boardwalk Seminar 2020, you will receive the member registration fee ($200 less than the non-member rate) and as a part of this special offer you will receive an additional $100 off of the registration fee. Join NJAJ.

MCLE Credits
New Jersey - (Earn 12.90 Credits/Earn 1.20 Ethics Credits)
New York - (Earn 12.50 Credits/Earn 1.0 Ethics Credits - pending)
Pennsylvania - (Earn 8.50 Credits/Earn 1.0 Ethics Credits - pending)

This program has been approved by the Board on Continuing Legal Education of the
Supreme Court of New Jersey for 12.90 hours of total CLE credit.

Of these, 1.20 qualify as hours of credit for ethics/professionalism,
and 11.70 qualify as hours of credit toward certification in 
civil trial law.

Full-Time Judges, Full-Time Law School Professors, 
Judicial Law Clerks & Law Student Members

Registration is complimentary for the seminar.
Pre-registration is required.

Course Materials
The seminar course materials will be online for attendees
to download on July 31, 2020.

Registration on or after August 5th: 
An additional $25 will be added to fees for registering on the day of the program.


If you have a disability that will require special assistance or services, 
please send a letter describing your needs.