Advanced Depositions Strategy & Practice DVD/CD Set

Date: 03/28/2016

Exceptional depositions result from a focused effort to elicit testimony that accomplishes specific goals critical to your case outcome. Phillip Miller and Paul Scoptur give concrete examples of the techniques required for anyone who wants to master depositions.

Both Phllip Miller and Paul Scoptur have spent a good part of the last thirty four years as trial lawyers, taking depositions in auto cases, motorcycle cases, trucking cases, medical malpractice cases, nursing home cases, product liability cases, construction zone cases, child abuse cases, contract and civil rights cases. The success of depositions in those cases depended in large part on the strategies and techniques covered on the DVD. Despite decades of experience, their education in deposition techniques accelerated when they began teaching deposition technique and strategy for the National College of Advocacy. As both the originators and program advisors for the NCA Deposition and Advanced Depositions Colleges, they have continually taught, evolved, and used the techniques shared on the DVD. Along the way they have taught with and learned from many lawyers from all over the country. These great teachers and thinkers have unavoidably affected their view of deposition strategy, so you will see references to the principles they have written about, taught, and popularized throughout this DVD. Along the way, they have taught hundreds, if not thousands, of lawyers, and they have often become their teachers and exceeded them in their insights and skills. The strategies and techniques discussed in this DVD can make a difference.

This DVD contains 5 talks on advanced deposition skills, including deposing the DME and
 advanced deposition techniques.

1.    Case Strategy and Planning for Depositions
2.     Advanced Deposition Techniques
3.     Establishing Standards and Rules
4.     Dealing with the Evasive and Difficult Witness
5.     Deposing the Defense Medical Examiner

Phillip H. Miller, Esq.
Phillip Miller is a trial lawyer who practices in Nashville. His firm has been recognized by Martindale-Hubbell as one of the “Pre-eminent firms in the United States,” and he was recognized by the Nashville Business Journal as one of the “Best of the Bar.”  He has been certified and re-certified as a civil trial specialist.

Phillip limits his practice to no more than 20 personal injury cases, and spends 50 percent of his time doing deposition and trial strategy for firms across the U.S. He is nationally recognized for his work as a deposition/trial strategist and is frequently hired by firms to help them prepare their biggest, most significant cases. Firms in 24 states have used Phillip to help them recover hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 14 years for their injured clients.

Phillip has written, published, and presented papers on trial practice from California to Florida.  He has been published in Trial, The American Journal of Trial Advocacy, and in trial lawyer publications in eight states and three Canadian provinces. He has been a repeat speaker at programs at Harvard University and the National Judicial College. His most recent work co-authored with Paul Scoptur, is Advanced Deposition Strategy and Practice published in July 2013.

Paul J. Scoptur, Esq. 
Paul J. Scoptur has been a civil trial lawyer representing plaintiffs exclusively since his graduation from Marquette University Law School in 1978. He is on the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Association for Justice and is a trustee and co-chair of the National College of Advocacy Board of Trustees.  He is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Marquette University Law School, where he has taught litigation and trial skills. He also is a Diplomate of the NCA and he was the first lawyer to complete the Advanced Studies in Trial Advocacy curriculum offered by the NCA.

Paul also is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants. He has a broad practice both as a trial lawyer and as a trial strategist and uses strategic case planning and focus groups extensively, both in his cases and in assisting other lawyers in preparing the discovery and trial of their cases across the country and in Canada.