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Michael Soudry has been performing economic and statistical analysis for over 20 years, and had joined Eco-Stat LLC as a forensic economist in 1995. He advises private practice attorneys and insurance companies as well as federal, state and local governmental agencies on the extent of economic loss in matters related to personal injury, wrongful death, life care plan costs, wrongful termination, and business interruption. He prepares economic loss and critique analysis reports, and has testified as an expert witness in U.S. Federal District, New Jersey Superior Courts and New York Supreme Courts over 200 times. Mr. Soudry provided economic loss reports for over 150 matters for victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack in application for the Victim Compensation Fund, and has participated in over 50 hearings.

Michael Soudry earned a B.A. in Economics and a M.B.A., with a major in Finance, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

Eco-Stat LLC, an economic and statistical consultant firm, is located in East Hanover New Jersey and New York City and is affiliated with the accounting firm of Friedman LLP.

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