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A graduate of Rutgers University School of Law at Camden, Franklin Solomon is an associate at the Locks Law Firm in Cherry Hill, where his practice includes litigating reimbursement claim issues on behalf of insureds and beneficiaries against health insurers, self-funded health plans and government health benefits programs. He argued on behalf of ATLA-NJ as amicus curiae in Perreira v. Rediger, 169 N.J. 399 (N.J. 2001), the case in which the New Jersey Supreme Court disallowed health insurers’ reimbursement claims against their insureds’ tort recoveries. He was plaintiffs’ counsel in the federal class action Levine v. United Healthcare, 402 F.3d 156 (3d Cir.), cert. denied, 546 U.S. 1054 (2005), in which a Third Circuit panel entirely missed the salient points of the Perreira decision. He is plaintiffs’ counsel in a pending federal class action which challenges Medicare’s claims for reimbursement out of New Jer sey tort recoveries. Mr. Solomon’s practice also includes litigation of mass tort and individual personal injury claims on behalf of plaintiffs, and he was plaintiff’s counsel in Di Prospero v. Penn, 183 N.J. 477 (2005), interpreting New Jersey’s automobile tort threshold standards, and was amicus counsel on behalf of ATLA-NJ in Olivo v. Owens Illinois, 186 N.J. 394 (2006), establishing liability of industrial property owners for off-site “secondary” exposure to asbestos.

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