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Myths and Legends of NJ Employment Law

We'll present slides asking questions or offering statements about what is, and is not, the employment law of New Jersey. We'll then ask (rhetorically) whether this is a "myth" or a "reality," then provide an answer, with substantive explanation, for each, along with practice tips for identifying and/or pleading and discovering such matters. The speaker will weave into the themes of each subject entertaining "nerd culture" quotes, from time to time, that set up the subject matter. At the end, we'll offer a Q&A and some suggestions for further reading, for those interested.

Kevin M. Costello, Esq.
Kevin Costello concentrates his state-wide employment rights, school harassment rights and civil rights practice exclusively on behalf of working people of all economic strata and on behalf of their families. Kevin has been a plaintiffs’ trial lawyer for the entirety of his career. He is the founder of Costello & Mains, LLC in Mount Laurel, a full-state employment, school rights and civil rights plaintiffs’ law firm.

Kevin is Certified by the Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Attorney –...More

Program Agenda

Being a primer to how we’re going to separate the myths of employment rights in New Jersey – many cherished by attorneys as well as by the public – from the truth.


Subjects to be addressed include:

Whom does the law protect?
Is there is a generic wrongful termination theory available under the LAD?
"Perceptions" of status
Who is sued under the LAD and why?
Religious accommodation and discrimination
English only workplaces
Whether and how the LAD applies in schools: intersection of IEP’s and “HIB Law," ect.
Transgender and gender fluidity under the LAD
Emotional Damages; experts
What causes of action to plead, or not? Where?
Administrative pre-filings under EEOC and DCR
Interplay between LAD and CEPA
What “whistleblowing” under CEPA means
What constitutes “retaliation”

III. CONCLUSION (5 min + Q&A time)

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