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The NJAJ Board of Governors created an award named in honor of the founders of the Women Litigators’ Luncheon.

The NJAJ Meyer-Segal Award is named for Joan Freedman Meyer and Ann Bernice Segal, in honor of their efforts as members of the NJAJ Board of Governors and their foresight to found the Women Litigators’ Luncheon in 1993 and to grow it into a twice-yearly, highly anticipated event.

The Meyer-Segal Award will be presented annually in recognition of exemplary leadership

  • To the profession,
  • To the community,
  • To NJAJ, and
  • To the mission of the NJAJ Women Trial Lawyers Caucus.

The annual award recipients will be chosen by the Co-Chairs of the NJAJ Women Trial Lawyers Caucus.

Deadline for nominations is Friday, October 8, 2021.

Fill out my online form.