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The NJAJ PAC Trustees are appointed by the Board of Governors of NJAJ. The NJAJ PAC officers are elected by the NJAJ PAC Trustees.

  • Lynne M. Kizis, Esq., Chair
  • Kevin M. Costello, Esq., Vice Chair
  • Elen Relkin, Esq., Secretary-Treasurer 
  • Richard J. Albuquerque, Esq.
  • K. Raja Bhattacharya, Esq.
  • Michael G. Donahue, III, Esq.
  • Jeffrey S. Monaghan, Esq.
  • Francisco J. Rodriguez, Esq.
  • Deborah R. Bozarth, Administrator
  • William S. Singer, Esq., Counsel